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Tesla Increases Solar Roof V3 Installations

Tesla Increases Solar Roof V3 Installations
The Solar Roof isn't just a few fancy-looking solar panels that go on your typical roof. Instead, it's a complete integrated system, featuring:
  • Solar Tiles
  • Non-solar Tiles;
  • Metal Trim, Vents and Flashing on roof edges and corners;
  • Inverters and Electrical Hardware to take the DC power and convert it to AC for your home.

Tesla Solarglass is a glass-shingled tile that incorporates built-in photovoltaic solar cells that create direct current when exposed to the sun.

The solar cells in Solarglass tiles are very similar to those used in typical solar panels. But the Solarglass tile is your roof, not an element on top of it - the photocells are under impact-resistant tempered textured glass.

The Solarglass tiles are interconnected in strings to produce high voltage DC, which is converted by inverters into alternating current. The AC is selectively fed to your house, Powerwalls, or the grid — depending on how you configured the system in the Tesla app.

PV magazine tracked these installations, talked to homeowners, and took photos.

Cupertino, California

San Carlos, California

Los Angeles, California

San Jose, California

Silicon Valley, California

Pleasanton, California

Claremont, California

San Jose, California


Tesla Solar Roof represents the most economical, clean, future-proof all-in-one solution. In addition, it has excellent aesthetic characteristics. If you look at the roof from the ground, then solar tiles look identical to non-solar tiles

As we can see, the number of houses where the Tesla Solar Roofs are installed is constantly increasing. At the moment, a team of 6-7 people can install Solarglass in 7-14 days, depending on the size of the house.

Such a long installation time is explained by various factors.
Firstly, before installing a new roof, it is necessary to remove the old roof, which takes several days.
Secondly, the installation requires a big team of experienced professionals. In order to solve this problem, Tesla seeks to hire and train new employees.

From February 18th to the 21st at Tesla office in Chatsworth, CA, was Open House. The company intends to hire a significant workforce to help install solar energy systems in California.

Having a strong team of Tesla installers will increase the number of installations, which will increase the company's impact on sustainability, allowing people to get energy from the sun in an environmentally friendly way.

Source of all images: pv-magazine

Featured image: Tesla


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