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Tesla to Launch Urban V3 Supercharger in Germany Next Week

Tesla to Launch Urban V3 Supercharger in Germany Next Week

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Tesla will officially open its first V3 Supercharger in Berlin next week. The expansion of the new-gen Supercharger network in the broader country, however, is already underway.

Tesmanian's good friend Marcel Münch/Twitter told Tesmanian that he had received an invitation to an event to officially unveil the first V3 Supercharger in the German capital.

The event will take place on September 10th at 4 pm local time. The new Supercharger will be opened at:

EUREF-Campus 1-25
Berlin, Deutschland

This event is exclusive, so only those who have received an invitation will be able to attend.

"You are invited to take part in the exclusive opening of our first V3 Supercharger in Berlin."

The appearance of a new-gen Supercharger in Berlin is significant since, by the summer of 2021, Tesla's factory near the capital will start producing made in Germany Model Y. That is why Peter Altmaier Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy will take part in the event. The emergence of a world leader in the production of electric vehicles in Germany is a milestone for the country.

In addition to the new V3 Supercharger in Berlin, a few more new locations were spotted:

  • The V3 Supercharger at Wismar off the Baltic coast is already visible via Tesla navigation
  • Tesla's Eschborn location near Frankfurt am Main gets V3 stalls
  • In Hermsdorf, between Jena and Gera in Thuringia, a new Tesla location has been discovered with 12 V3 Superchargers already installed

V3 is a completely new architecture for Supercharging. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to our utility-scale products supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car. Supercharger stations with V3’s new power electronics are designed to enable owners to charge at the full power their battery can handle--no longer having to split power with a vehicle in the next stall.



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