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Tesla Topped 1st Place in Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

Tesla Topped 1st Place in Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Survey

According to a Consumer Reports survey, Tesla has the highest owner satisfaction rating among other brands by a wide margin.

Consumer Reports (CR) has always rated each car using a group of ratings based on data or based on the experience of their testers and participants.

CR surveys show that owner satisfaction can vary significantly by model and brand. To measure satisfaction, they ask participants if they will buy the same car again, if given the opportunity. The answers to this question give an excellent understanding of ​​which models satisfy their owners and how automobile brands are compared in terms of satisfaction.

Owner satisfaction is one of the components — along with road test data, reliability survey results and safety ratings — the overall CR score.

Owner satisfaction tends to keep track of how well a model fulfills its key promise. Vladimir Grinshpun shared the CR table on Twitter that shows the brands that satisfy owners most of all based on vehicles that were between 1 and 3 years old at the time of the survey.

Source: Consumer Reports

According to this table, we see that Tesla owners are incredibly satisfied with the purchase of their cars and if in the future they will buy a new vehicle, then it will again be a Tesla car. This is the best characteristic, because customer satisfaction is the most important indicator.

The table also shows that a number of well-known automakers are having difficulty satisfying their customers. Jeep, Jaguar and Infinity take the last three places out of 30 listed companies.

Also in February, Tesla Model 3 is Consumer Reports’ Top EV Pick for 2020. The Model 3 earned some of the highest overall scores in its category. Its scores in road tests, predicted reliability, owners satisfaction, and safety were also impressive.

Apart from the Model 3’s award, Tesla also exhibited the most significant improvement among the carmakers ranked by CR, moving up eight spots to claim 11th place in the organization’s list.

Consumer Reports’ senior director of automotive testing Jake Fisher stated in an interview with Bloomberg that a combination of performance and consumer satisfaction ultimately boosted Tesla in the organization’s rankings. “The vehicles perform phenomenally. People just love these vehicles,” he said.

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