Tesla to Launch First Balkans Service Center in Greece Next Month

by Eva Fox December 22, 2020

Tesla to Launch First Balkans Service Center in Greece Next Month

Tesla is actively preparing to launch its first service center in Greece, which will open in Athens in early 2021, and will be an excellent support to improve the Tesla vehicle owning experience.

The service center will begin operations in January, Proto Thema News reported, citing a response from Tesla's PR manager in Greece. The PR manager said that the company in Greece already has a team of specialists who can carry out a number of maintenance works, and now a service center will appear, which will be ready to launch within a month.

The new service center is not only the first in Greece but also the first in the Balkans, which is good news for the entire region. At the moment, the nearest service center is located in Prague, Czech Republic, or Vienna, Austria. Having a service center in the country will significantly increase the peace of mind of Tesla's ownership among existing owners, and will add confidence to those who are going to purchase a vehicle.

On August 1, Tesla opened an order page and a configurator for buying its vehicles in Greece. Taking advantage of the start-up of government incentives for buying electric vehicles, the company is dynamically entering the Greek market.

The first pop-up stand was opened in Athens in early September. Everyone had the opportunity to view Model 3, which was there until the beginning of December. The service center will be the next step in the development of the company in Greece.

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