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Tesla Will Ask Regulators to Allow FSD Beta Release in Europe, Says Elon Musk

Tesla Will Ask Regulators to Allow FSD Beta Release in Europe, Says Elon Musk

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After Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the wider release of the newest FSD Beta a few days ago, this topic has attracted even more attention from those who want to become a participant in the early testing program. In addition to requests from North America, Europeans also expressed a strong desire to become beta testers. Musk wrote that Tesla will ask regulators in order to make possible the proliferation of FSD Beta in Europe.

On March 6, Musk announced via Twitter that with the recent release of FSD Beta version 8.2, the number of beta testers will be doubled, and with version 8.3, the number of testers is likely to increase 10-fold. He also asked everyone who wants to participate to send a request to the company so that it would know about the desire of Tesla owners to take part in beta testing.

Immediately after that, thousands of requests were sent to the company by people in a hurry to submit their applications for participation as soon as possible. Learning about the high interest of Tesla owners in becoming beta testers, the company decided to streamline the process by adding a request button on car displays. Musk tweeted that a “Download Beta” button will be added to car displays.

On March 9, early in the morning, Musk explained via Twitter that clicking on the “Download Beta” button would mean that the car owner agrees with all relevant warnings about FSD Beta and agrees to drive with caution. Once confirmation is received and the vehicle is connected to Wi-Fi, the latest QA-tested FSD Beta build would start downloading. In addition, Musk talked timeframe. According to him, version 8.3 of FSD Beta should be done QA testing by March 21, after which the “Download Beta” button would appear.

Also, in response to a request from a Tesla owner from Europe, Musk replied that the company would ask the regional regulators to authorize the use of FSD Beta there. If this approval is granted, it will become an additional stage in the development of FSD.

The fact is that the layouts of cities in the United States and Europe are significantly different. Europe is characterized by compact cities with many narrow streets saturated with dense traffic. The ability to experience and receive a wealth of data from cars in Europe will be a new challenge and opportunity to train the autonomous functions of Tesla cars.

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