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The budget committee for the sale of site for the Tesla Gigafactory 4 Germany will be held in January 2020

The budget committee for the sale of site for the Tesla Gigafactory 4 Germany will be held in January 2020

Following the Tesla estate agreement, there are other important steps before Christmas. In January, the sales contract will be discussed in the budget committee of the Brandenburg State Parliament, a spokesman for the Florian Engels State Chancellery said on Saturday upon request. However, first the Tesla Council must approve the draft contract. “Then our turn will come again,” said Treasury spokesman Ingo Decker. Only then can the Ministry of Finance send the appropriate template to the Budget Committee. 

The committee must approve the sale of property for the planned Tesla factory because the 300-hectare site is owned by the state. According to a spokesman for the ministry, the exact date of the meeting of the budget committee has not yet been determined, since the committee itself sets the dates for its meetings.

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Brandenburg Minister of Economics Jörg Steinbach suggests the contract will be signed “next week, latest New Year’s week,” he told Brandenburg Aktuell, the RBB news magazine. According to Steinbach, the contract has been slightly edited, but this is no longer relevant. When asked, he replied that "95 percent sure" that the Tesla project will work.

The state government reached an agreement with Tesla on Friday to sell the site for the plant, but has not yet signed a contract. Confidentiality has been agreed upon with the content. Now both parties will have the opportunity to consider the project.

Tesla plans to begin construction of the Gigafactory at a site in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) from mid-2020. Since 2021, the automaker plans to produce a compact Model Y SUV there. Plans were announced in November. According to the district, up to 4,000 people should work in a three-shift plant.

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The Environment Agency of Brandenburg (LfU) is currently considering Tesla's application documents for the construction of a factory in Grünheide for completeness and suitability for public interpretation. It is a matter of approval in accordance with the Federal Emission Control Act. According to the Federal Ministry of Environmental Protection, the law includes, among other things, the protection of people, animals and plants, soil and water from the harmful effects of the environment. After that, the documents should be made public, and then public participation should follow, said Minister of the Environment Axel Vogel.

“We look forward to further steps and are now waiting for LfU to verify the completion of contract documents,” a representative of the Oder-Spree County said on Saturday.

A regional steering group in which municipalities such as Grünheide, Erkner, Fürstenwalde, Stork and Schönehehe should work together should determine in which areas the surrounding cities and municipalities see the need for Tesla settlement. The focus is on infrastructure and housing. “We have to get to the starting position. In order for us to run fast, we need to consider some things, ”said Gundula Teltevskaya, rural development assistant. The results should be sent to the target group of the Tesla board.

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