The Police Department of the Village of Gates Mills Goes Electric with Tesla Model S

The Police Department of the Village of Gates Mills Goes Electric with Tesla Model S

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The Police Department of Village of Gates Mills in Northeast Ohio has gone electric. An anonymous donor donated a Tesla Model S, and will also pay for its refitting and installation of a charging station.

Today, the transition to the use of electric vehicles—rather than cars with internal combustion engines—has become a necessity. The climate situation, due to CO2 emissions, is worsening every year. At the moment, such a transition is costly, both for individuals and entrepreneurs and for government agencies. However, thanks to the generosity and conscientiousness of some citizens, this situation has already improved. The Police Department of Village of Gates Mills in Northeast Ohio received from an anonymous donor an impressive gift—Tesla Model S.

According to a council meeting on May 11, 2021, Gates Mills Police Chief Gregg Minichello detailed the donation from a resident, a gray metallic 2019 Tesla Model S with 6,200 miles, Tesla North reports. In addition, the donor will pay for the cost of converting the vehicle to police car regulations and will pay for the installation of a charging station.

Police Chief said the department hopes to use the Tesla Model S for 10 years. The first demonstration of the electric car will take place on July 4, but the official road access will take place only in August, as time is needed for its re-equipment. The modernization will be carried out by a Hall Public Safety specialist who is currently considering possible design options. “We will be retrofitting the car to a functional police vehicle. Our custom upfitter, Hall Public Safety, is currently reviewing options for car design. We will upfit the vehicle as much as we can,” said Minichello in an email to Tesla North.

Before this generous donation, the Police Chief had already discussed the issue of transitioning to electric vehicles with other United States police departments, such as the Logan Police in Columbus and Bargersville in Indiana.

Police expect to see significant savings between the cost of charging an electric vehicle and the cost of refueling their other ICE vehicles. Apart from this, they also expect reduced maintenance costs due to fewer parts in the vehicle.

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