Will Tesla Giga Berlin Take Advantage Of The Railway That Runs Through Its Territory?

Will Tesla Giga Berlin Take Advantage Of The Railway That Runs Through Its Territory?

The location for Giga Berlin was chosen through well thought out and balanced decisions. It is possible that, among other things, an important role was played by the fact that a railway line passes through the section of the future factory, and connects the Freienbrink industrial zone with the rest of trackage, and would allow Tesla to carry out logistics in an environmentally friendly way.

Berliner-Zeitung reports that the owner of the railway line, about 2.2 miles long, is the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn (DRE). In addition to this line, the company owns three more railway routes in Brandenburg. “The route can be used immediately. We are ready,” said DRE CEO Gerhard Curth, speaking about the part of the railway that runs through the Tesla territory.

On this section of the railway, trains have not been running for about one year, but there is infrastructure, and it is in order, Curth emphasizes. The route is designed for competitive freight transport, so it can offer certain benefits for Tesla.

The route, which belongs to the CM3 and D4 railway line classes, and is classified as a public line, is approved for heavy loads of up to 21 tons (46,297 lb) per wheel pair. According to Curth, the load can be increased even up to 22.5 tons (49,600 lb), since railway does not cross any bridge structures, and the length of the train can reach 1,968 ft. At the moment, the speed that is allowed on the route is 15.5 mph, but the location of the route can allow to increase the speed to almost 25 mph. To do this, it will be necessary to protect railway crossings with barriers and flashing lights.

At its factory in Fremont, Tesla did not use the railways, but in Germany, the situation may be different. With this location, Giga Berlin can receive cheaper materials from Poland, the delivery of which may be more convenient to carry out by train. Also the railway can also be used to transport vehicles for loading ships in Bremerhaven. “We found out that the train is interesting for Tesla,” said Curth.

The route is currently available only from Berlin without changing the locomotive. But, direct freight investment from the east would be manageable, says Curth.

We do not know how, at the moment, this route is interesting for Tesla. And although the company had not previously used rail transportation, the presence of a railway on its own territory may change this approach. We are confident that after careful checks and calculations, Tesla will make a good decision that will meet its goals.

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