The Tesla Cybertruck's 6 Most Innovative Features


Elon Musk’s Cybertruck is filled with innovative features, some of which were talked about during the all-electric pickup’s unveiling. Some people may have found the CYBRTRK’s design a bit too unique and different, but most will agree that its features are out of this world. 

Musk had been working on an all-electric pickup truck for nearly 7 years before he unveiled the Tesla Cybertruck last week. The all-electric pickup received mixed reviews, partly because of its design. Its exterior might have caused people to stop and think before purchasing the Cybertruck, but its features more than made up for its unique body. Below are 6 of the CYBRTRK’s innovative features that couldn’t be ignored, even by the vehicle's critics. 

1. Cost-Efficient Design

The Cybertruck was built much like origami paper art. Its stainless steel exoskeleton was folded and molded into shape around the all-electric pickup truck’s frame. The result of the origami-like approach to its design is a cheaper, more affordable pickup truck. 

As most people are apt to mention, the Cybertruck’s exterior also isn’t painted. Tesla opted for a more minimalistic look for its pickup truck, which reduces manufacturing costs even more. Besides its cost-efficiency, however, the CYBRTRK’s lack of paint serves another purpose. With its minimalistic look, Tesla’s pickup is like a blank canvas. Tesla Cybertruck owners add some of their own personality into the all-electric truck through changes in its exoskeleton.

2. Mad Max Level Speed

Elon Musk had promised a pickup truck that was as fast as a Porsche but had the power of an F-150. The Cybertruck delivered on that promise. For a huge pickup truck, it’s a little shocking that the top-tier version can do 0-60 in 2.9s and a quarter-mile in 10.8s. With those numbers, no one can call the Cybertruck an average run-of-the-mill pickup. 

The Cybertruck can thank its wedge-like design, adaptive air suspension, and its aerodynamic Tonneau cover for its Mad-Max level speed. Most people found the triangular shape of the CYBRTRK ghastly, but its sharp-edged frame helps it slice through the air like a knife through butter. 



The all-electric pickup truck also has an adaptive air suspension, which accommodates different payloads and probably comes in handy during wide or narrow turns, too. Its Tonneau cover is aerodynamic as well, allowing the air to glide over the truck, reported Earlectrek

The Cybertruck’s stark design, adaptive suspension, and aerodynamic Tonneau cover will give its owners a unique driving experience for a pickup truck. Cybertruck owners will experience a drive that is comparable to a Porsche, which is such an ambitious vehicle to emulate in terms of speed, especially for a pickup truck.

3. Crazy Storage Space

Like most of Tesla’s vehicles, the Cybertruck offers crazy storage space. The only difference between the CYBRTRK’s storage options and those in other Tesla vehicles is utility purposes. The all-electric pickup has hidden storage in its sails and under the bed, allowing Cybertruck owners to separate tools and other belongings in different spots around their vehicle. Of course, there is also the front trunk or frunk and the bed itself.

The Cybertruck’s storage space seems to have been specially curated for utility purposes. People can keep their tools separate from other day-to-day possessions while using Tesla’s pickup truck.


4. Actual Onboard Outlets for Electronics and Tools

It’s rare to see onboard outlets for electronics in any vehicle. Usually, there are charging options for phones or tablets in any car. The Cybertruck took that to a whole different level with its 110V/220V onboard outlets.

The Cybertruck generates enough electrical output to charge more than just phones and tablets, but laptops and industrial tools, too. Its onboard outlets would really come in handy for people who are always on the road or those who love to camp and engage in other outdoor activities.

5. Savvy Tech

The Cybertruck comes with innovative tech. Much like the storage options for the pickup, Tesla seems to have adapted the Cybertruck’s tech with its potential customers in mind. 

The CYBRTRK has a built-in air compressor port for air-powered tools and its tires. It also has a rear-view camera instead of a rear-view mirror so people can still see behind them even with the Tonneau cover engaged. Lastly, the Cybertruck has a secondary set of brake lights for when its tailgate is down and the light bar can’t be seen.


5. Sick Overlanding Accessories

Tesla could have stopped after it perfected the Cybertruck’s speed, storage, charging ports, and tech. Fortunately for those who preordered the CYBRTRK, Elon Musk wanted more. The Cybertruck comes with some sick overlanding accessories for the ultimate outdoor experience, including solar panels for its Tonneau cover, Camper Mode accessories, and the Cyberquad. 

The Cybertruck’s solar panels can generate enough energy to add 15 more miles to its 500+ range—for the top-tier version, reported Engadget. Without range anxiety, Cybertruck owners are free to drive to remote areas and set up that sweet Camper Mode. According to Elon Musk, Camper Mode will be an accessory available for sale from Tesla. Based on pictures, it includes a bed tent for the bed of the Cybertruck and an outdoor kitchen, too. 


Lastly, there is the Cyberquad, one of the first all-electric ATVs in the world. Musk didn’t talk about the Cyberquad much, but it will be available for the first batch of Cybertruck reservation holders, as hinted at by the Tesla CEO in a tweet. 

Considering the innovative features discussed above plus the fact that the Cybertruck is a zero-emission pickup starting at US$39,990, its no wonder more and more people are gravitating towards it every day. Elon Musk’s CYBRTK is genuinely a next-gen pickup truck with futuristic features that are not widely available on the market today—in any vehicle. Anyone who doesn’t recognize that didn’t take the time to do their research.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla Unveiling Live Stream

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