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Ford Mustang Mach-E Glass Roof Sunshade
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Ford Mustang Mach-E Glass Roof Sunshade

    1. Custom Design Sunshade for Ford Mustang Mach-E Glass Roof
    2. Made with lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame
    3. Durable and effectively reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    4. Easily removable, the Mach-E sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof with clips
    5. Sunshade is collapsible and store in the provided pouch
    6. Fitment: Ford Mustang Mach-E

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Customer Reviews

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B. Benson (San Anselmo, US)
Nice, effective sunshade

Effective sunshade with good UV protection. When installed, it is virtually invisible.

Richard (Burbank, US)
what a great product

2021 Plaid owner here and after scouring the internet endlessly for some heat relief from the massive glass roof in my car (it's ridiculous, if you touch the interior glass for more than a second on a 85+ degree sunny day you will burn your finger, no joke) I came across this product and had it in my hands within a couple days. Install was easy, took less than 10 mins and 2 people could do it in under 3 mins. With windshield shade up and overheat protection on (windows down to a pre-set height) internal temps ranged from 130-140 on a 85+ degree day, with this installed (I am using both the net and sunshield), my temps have been right at 100 degrees. That is a significant drop and now the top of my head is protected from those uv rays as is the interior of the car. I did end up using the two magnets that are included because without them the shade was too droopy for my tastes. Only regret is not buying this sooner.

Hilary Lerner (Danville, US)
Don't have the car yet

I am so far unable to review the product because I have not been able to use it as yet since I have not yet taken possession of the car.

Lee Eisinberg (Mesa, US)
Works well!

For someone living in AZ I didn’t realize that the glass roof would transmit as much heat as it does so this shade seems like a reasonable solution to keeping my interior cooler in the summer.

S. Machado (Lewisville, US)
Wonderful Sunshade!

It was only April in Texas, and the sun was beating down on my head in my Mach E. I can only imagine how hot and uncomfortable it will be in July or August in that car. I began searching for solutions when I came across a recommendation for this sunshade online, so I took a chance and ordered it. This thing is absolutely wonderful!! It was easy to install, fits perfectly, and works so well. I am so happy I found this product and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a Mach E!

Jamie Campbell (Martinez, US)
Perfect fit and made a dramatic difference!

I got this to help block out the California sun and reduce the heat. Works better than I expected and a perfect fit. I watched a couple videos on YouTube that said it didn’t reduce that much sun….that’s not correct. It’s reduces it perfectly.

Donna Stuart (Barstow, US)

We ordered the shade for Mache.. it came in 2 days.. only took us literally 10 minutes or less to install.. worth every dollar..

Robert Ricks (Austin, US)
So far so good

Easy to install. We just put it in and forgot about it. Hopefully it helps dissipate the Texas heat. I would recommend the product.

SG (Cincinnati, US)
Fantastic Roof Shade

Easy installation. Definitely blocks out extra sun exposure.

Michael Cessa (Kansas City, US)
E-pony GT

Love the Sunshade, very easy to install. There was an oops on the black-out screen they shipped the wrong one with the Sunshade; the correct one is on the way. We live AZ and the black-out screen will I am sure be great to have come June.