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Tesla Model 3 Rear Trunk Spoiler

Solid Black
Matte Black
Pearl White
Deep Blue
Midnight Silver
    1. Enhance the appearance with this Rear Trunk Spoiler
    2. Custom designed specifically for Tesla Model 3
    3. Made with durable ABS plastic
    4. Spoiler comes pre-painted in original Tesla color code
    5. Installation: Self adhesive tape at the back to put it on. No drilling required
    6. Fitment: Tesla Model 3
    7. Colors Available:

    8. Soild Black
    9. Matte Black
    10. Pearl White
    11. Deep Blue Metallic
    12. Midnight Silver Metallic
    13. Red

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Good Choice

Attractive, affordable, available

Love it

I love the spoiler so much that I think Tesla should make it standard on the Model Y!

Great Looking Spoiler

I purchased the pearl white spoiler which matches the white paint on the car very well. Easy and quick install took only about 15 minutes and gives the car a sportier look for sure. Great value for the price compared to other aftermarket spoilers I researched.


Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler

Looks great fits very well

I had a tough time until I used a heat gun to carefully heat the metal & spoiler slowly and evenly for probably 2 min then it slipped right on tightly with little to no wiggle. Don’t rush it. Only took 30 min total with carful measurements. Painters tape, measuring tape, heat gun, pencil, focus, patience.

Great looking spoiler that doesn’t break your bank

It took us less than 10mins to install on the Model Y. Came with adhesive tape already on it. Wiped the surface clean with the given cleaning solution. In order for the right measurement and fit, leave 171mm from either end and mark with a tape. Install the spoiler

Looks nice but needs some touch ups

I found tabs on the inside left from the molding process. I had to cut, scrape and sand them down thinking that they may damage the cars paint. Watched the install video and did it exactly as demonstrated. I still had the righthand end not wanting to seat tight to the car. I did re-tape that end down and heated with a hot air gun. Left for 96 hours and now it is seated. Time will tell if it holds. Otherwise a nice product for the money.

Wrong item good quality

I ordered a Silver Model Y Rear Trunk spoiler for my white Tesla Model Y a little before Christmas. Of course, that was in the year of 2020, the year everything went wrong, so I wasn’t surprised when I received a Black spoiler instead. However, that was my second choice and it was too much of a pain to go through the trouble of exchanging and waiting and all so I went ahead and installed it. Looks great! Easy to install and well made. Plastic instead of carbon fiber which I would have preferred but likely wouldn’t have wanted to pay for due to the expense so all in all I’m well pleased. Tesmania has good products and I’ve got almost their entire line on my Model Y.


Tesla Model Y Rear Trunk Spoiler


Product shipped on 11/23 and received on 12/4. Not good.