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2021-2022 Tesla Model X Front UV Screen for use with Sunshade
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2021-2022 Tesla Model X Front UV Screen for use with Sunshade

  • Tesla Model X Sunshade UV Screen

    1. Custom Design UV Screen for Tesla Model X Front Glass Roof
    2. UV/Heat Insulation further reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    3. Fitment: 2021-2022 Tesla Model X
    4. Note: Must use with Glassroof Sunshade

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Customer Reviews

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Douglas Bush (Miami Beach, US)
Better Than Expected

I ordered these sunshades for my 2022 Tesla Model X, not expecting them to block out light and heat. My windows are already tinted with heat reduction film so how much more sun and heat could be reduced? Well, to my surprise, they reduced the sun by probably 20-25% more and reduced the heat by probably another 10-15% more. The rear window shade, because it is somewhat at an angle from the driver’s seat, tends to block your view from the window so you have to use your side view mirrors and cameras to see. The shades were much easier to install than expected. They simply stung and snapped perfectly right into their places. I also used the available clips for the front windshield and rear screens, just because they were there, and they really seem to make a difference. I especially like that there is NO sagging on the front and rear screens!

If there is anything you might improve upon, it’s the amount of time spent from the time an order is placed, until it is picked up, and delivered. Shipping was very slow, and I saw where it too 4-5 days just for FedEx to pick up after the packing slip was noted. Too long.

Thanks again for what already seems like a quality product, especially for the price.

David Cumming (Johns Island, US)


Richard Bauer (Clermont, US)
Great fit right out of box.

They come in a bag and most need to unfold themselves which the spring metal frame will facilitate once out of the bag. Very happy with the quality and fit. Have used them continually because we live in the Florida sun. The only one we have to leave out is the back hatch window because it blocks too much of your view due to the angle of the screen material but we do use it once parked. It’s easy to pop into place.

John Cho (Houston, US)

Fitment is decent. Mesh shade had minor areas of scuff/damage.

Klaus Luloh (Ventura, US)
Excellent product

These fit very well without clips. Just the right amount of blockage. Side and rear windows are a little too obscure for for my wife. She takes them out if not light enough outside. No problem for me. Kept the car nice and cool.

M. (Menlo Park, US)
good for 2022 MX but covers camera

I got the full shade set for a 2022 Model X. They fit pretty well though there are a few small gaps here and there. The front top shade also droops down in the front and covers the internal cab camera. Not yet sure how to fix that but the product could have been designed better or they could have had some kind of cut-out or something.

Eddy Lee (Oakland, US)
Great product

Fits great. The only product so far for the 2022 model.

Brenda Smith (Rohnert Park, US)
Should be standard in Model X

I love my 2022 Model X, love the huge windshield and the unending views. With that comes the sunshine, and sometimes it’s just too much. The little visors do virtually nothing to shade you from the glare of the sun. I kept a baseball cap in the car to help. Once I installed these sunshades it was a game changer! Now I can travel and when the sun is becoming too much, I easily install this sunshade and it’s amazing! I highly recommend for both usefulness and quality. 10/10!

T. (Santa Clara, US)
Sun Shade makes a BIG difference. Worth the wait.

I pre-ordered and, due to delays in supply chain, finally received the sunshade for my 2022 Model X 7 seater. These fit perfectly. It keeps the interior noticeably cooler with them on. I leave the front and falcon doors on all the time. The kids no longer complain about the sun in their eyes.

A.k. (San Antonio, US)
Like a sock, perfect fit.

I’m so happy with these sunshades for my 2022 model x, high quality as always from Tesmanian.