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Pets Dog Seat Cover for Tesla Model S & Model X - 3
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Pets Dog Seat Cover for Tesla Model S & Model X

    1. Premium quality pet seat cover specifically designed for Tesla Model S and Model X
    2. Visible Mesh Window - This dog seat cover with mesh window offers a better air circulation, help your dog reduce anxiety and remain calm while driving.
    3. Water resistance seat cover with Side Flaps - 600D oxford with water-resistant coating and TPU which prevents your seats from getting stained or wet.
    4. Non-Slip rubber bottom and seat anchors to prevent the seat cover from sliding around.
    5. Machine washable and easy cleanup
    6. Fitment: Tesla Model S (Rear Seat) and Model X (5 and 7 seater only; Second Row Seat)


    Ultra White Car Seat Suggestions:
    1. Polyurethane is a very durable coating for car seats, but it is not 100% impervious to staining, especially for your ultra white Tesla Seats. Chemicals/inks/dyes/Jean/etc can stain polyurethane. We suggest applying ceramic coating on your white seats to provide an additional barrier before installing this product.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Theo (Houston, US)

It works as intended,

M Casabar (Keller, US)
Works great!

Our Belgian Malinois doesn’t like sitting in the rear cargo area of our MY. Unless someone sits in the back seat she will eventually crawl into the second seat. We bought this dog cover to protect the rear seat. It works great!

Socal (Everett, US)
Tesla y pet cargo liner

Exactly what I was looking for. Great quality and perfect fit!

Scott Walter (Granby, US)
Great pet seat cover

Fits well and keeps the hair off the seats!

Larry Steele (Monroe, US)
Pet protector

Love it! Keeps my new seats looking new.

David Rasmussen (St. Petersburg, US)
Highly recommend

Not only is this specifically made for the Model 3, there are so many nice features that aren’t included in most pet seat covers at similar or even higher prices. I specifically love the zippered sides (making it more of a hybrid between a normal cover and a hammock), which greatly decreases the amount of hair or dander that gets to other areas of the car (if you keep the windows closed at least ;-), I like the ties for the sides that allow you to lock them into the coat hangers, and I love the pockets included—great for a treat bag or a lead. I’ve got owned it for a few weeks and already have decided that if I ever need another one or a new one, I’m just buying this again—it’s that good!


Pets Dog Seat Cover for Tesla Model Y & Model 3

James dillon (Middletown, US)
Great dog seat cover.

Cover appears to be sturdy, and its pretty adjustable with a pocket for a leash, dog treats, etc. Non slip bottom is a great idea.

Craig Butters

Nice quality and great fit

monica coleman (Provincetown, US)
Customer service

FedEx did not deliver our package to our door and it went missing - tesmanian had amazing customer service and follow up! Thank you!