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2021-2022 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (7 Seater)
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2021-2022 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (7 Seater)

  • Tesla Model Y Floor Mats (7 Seater)

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    1. Design to offer maximum protection of the Tesla Model Y (7 Seater) floors from spills, stains, dirt, mud, snow and etc...
    2. Made from premium quality Thermoplastic Elastomer material (TPE tri-extruded composition) ensures 100% odorless, BPA Free, Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly.
    3. Durable and Strong - 300% better temperature resistance than normal PVC.
    4. Deeply molded grid pattern channels all spills, stains, dirt, mud or snow away from foot-well areas for easy cleanup.
    5. Model Y All Weather interior liner are comprised of High vertical walls compare to other floor mats in the market.
    6. Fitment: 2021-2022 Tesla Model Y (7 Seater) - Left Hand Drive
    7. Color: Black
    8. NOTE: Does not fit on Model Y 5 Seater


    Full Set includes 6 pieces:

    1. 1x Driver Side Liner
    2. 1x Passenger Side Liner
    3. 1x Rear Seat Liner
    4. 1x Front Trunk Cargo Liner
    5. 1x Rear Trunk Cargo Liner
    6. 1x Rear Trunk Well Storage Liner


Video is base on a 5 seater Model Y. For reference only. Some items in the video are not included. Please see items description for your purchase.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary O’Neill Ratica (Naples, US)

It would help if you show where the back mats actually go in the 7 seater!
Still trying to figure it out!

jim parker (Cincinnati, US)

2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater)

Vamshi Reddy Aekkati (New York, US)
Perfect in the budget

I bought mats, mudguards, door inserts, everything’s loooks perfect on Tesla model y 2022

Joe Mayer (Port Washington, US)
Great buy!

The order was filled promptly, the price was right and they fit perfectly.

Anonymous (Clearwater, US)
Amazing floor mats

I ordered the 5 seat full set floor mats. Tesmanian shipped really fast and I received it in last than a week after ordering it. The quality is excellent and it fits perfectly in my 2022 MY. I have the Weather Tech mats in my other car and these are the same if not better quality due to the way it fits. Im happy with my purchase and def recommend this product.
Thanks Tesmanian. I will order more acessories in a near future.


Very much like this product!! I really recommend this product!!!

Amit Srivastav (Dallas, US)

2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater)

John DiLeo (Dallas, US)
Fine fit and quality

Although the instructions suggested setting the mats out in the sun for 24 hr, I didn't. They went straight into the car. The fit and finish are top notch and when in place they disappear. The cup holder had about a 2mm space aorund the edges, but on day 2 that space disappeared. The cup inserts look like they came with the car.

JUN WANG (Chino Hills, US)

2020-2022 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Full Set (5 Seater)

smoonerlater (Toronto, CA)
Amazing fit and quality, but not for 7 seat sub-trunk cover

The floor mats are a dream; perfect fit in all three rows; no ugly branding, awesome! I also got the seat back covers for the third row, also very nice. However, the two pieces for the sub-trunk cover are not good… Don’t get those. I agree with everything KR said in their review.

The newer 7 seat MYs do not have a reversible sub-trunk cover; the new cover is not reversible and is mostly flat with a small bend downwards on the curved side, similar to the flat floor configuration on the old cover. But it’s not similar enough and lays awkwardly on the cover, sliding around as any unanchored, poorly-fitting mat would tend to do. It looks bad and doesn’t match the look of the third row covers immediately next to it. Also, I can't understand why they didn’t put those velcro pads on the bottom to keep it in place. That would be a simple improvement and would go a long way to making this usable. Also, the extra mat for the lower position on the old cover - useless now, no worky.

I would like to suggest that Tesmanian make a new sub-trunk cover mat that supports the new cover and matches the third row seat backs in look and feel so they look like a matched set. Let me know when I can order one ;)