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HEPA Air Filter for Tesla Model Y / 3
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Tesla Model Y & Model 3 HEPA Air Filter with Activated Carbon (2 pieces)

    1. Honeycomb Carbon Composite Layer - Designed to reinforce the strength of the filter screen. The uniform distribution of the activated Carbon layer also increases space availability for filtering.
    2. Premium Quality Coal Columnar Activated Carbon - Incorporated with activated carbon particles for physical absorption. Effectively in filtering dust, pollen, smoke, particles, hair, and etc...
    3. Padded with tight sealing ring - Equipped with sponge sealing ring to prevent shifting of the filter element while protecting unfiltered air entry.
    4. HEPA 11 Class Layer - High density pleated filter paper. Dense design which effectively reduces wind resistance and increase air intake simultaneously. Effectively capture particles > 0.25µm
    5. Easy Installation - Attached with ribbon handle at the corner for quick removal. Comes with tools for easy installation.
    6. Quantity: 2 pieces
    7. Fitment: Tesla Model Y and Model 3

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Customer Reviews

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alfred mcwilliams (Redlands, US)
++A++ OneStopShop

Thank you for delivering a perfect product with tools. The pictures were a little hard to follow but it worked. It may have been hard to follow because the instructions were for a model 3 and I have a model Y. Nonetheless, thank you!

Jon Camio (Beaverton, US)
Filters seem backwards

This review is NOT a negative review. It's simply to point out that the filters seem backwards compared to videos I've seen. I installed these filters with the tab up and out, but interestingly the honeycomb side ends up facing forward. In all the HEPA filter installation videos I've seen the honeycomb side always ends up facing towards the back of the car. I ran the hvac after installing the filters and everything seems to be working just fine. Anybody have any thoughts as to why the honeycomb side is different on these filters?

Anonymous (Placentia, US)
EZ install, great product!

Had an oder before install; now it's gone!