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Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade - 2 Piece
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2022 Tesla Model Y Sunshade (Glass Roof) - 2 pcs

  • Tesla Model Y Sunshade - 2 Pcs

    1. Version2 Sunshade for Tesla Model Y Glass Roof
    2. Made with lightweight mesh fabric with a collapsible rigid frame
    3. Durable and effectively reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    4. Easily removable, the Model Y sunshade is installed onto the interior of the glass roof with clips
    5. Sunshade is collapsible and store in the provided pouch
    6. Additional UV/Heat Insulation further reduces heat transmission into the cabin
    7. Fitment: 2022 Tesla Model Y
    8. Each package comes with 1 sunshade, 1 silver/black UV screen and mounting clips

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Customer Reviews

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Norm Stoehr (Indio, US)
Response above and beyond

As an OCD, I wasn’t sure only two magnets would be enough to keep our roof sunscreen from drooping on our Model Y, so we ordered two more. Tasmanian shipped them immediately! For the record, they are not necessary.

Wei Yang (Malvern, US)

Tesla Model Y Sunshade (Glass Roof) - One Piece Sleek Look

Mary Snider (Sacramento, US)
Sunshade roof clips

Excellent product

Norm Stoehr (Indio, US)
A desert necessity

Despite tinting our Model Y roof glass, a 17 day road trip that sunburned my bald head led me to purchase the Tasmanian sunroof screen. The immediate boost to the air conditioning was palpable1

selvan kalailingam (Lawrence, US)
Sunshade cool you down

Really good product

Denise Mitten (Phoenix, US)
Tesla Model Y Sunshade

Easy to install. It makes a positive difference with desert heat.

Shawn Downing
Roof shade

Great product, keeps the sun out and keeps the inside of my car cooler during the day. Product fit well and was east to install.

Laksh Gandikota (Stockton, US)

Tesla Model Y Sunshade (Glass Roof)

Y Not (Sandpoint, US)
Will it work?

I would recommend two people do the installation and only takes a couple of minutes. It fits pretty nicely without using the magnets as I didn’t want to mess up the glass. I bought this more to see if it can increase mileage on sunny road trips. Remains to be seen and probably hard to measure, but worth the try. The clips are a bit of a pain as I’ve already lost one. Would have been nice to have them permanently attached to the sunscreen. Can you send me a couple of extra clips?

Judy (San Jose, US)
Great for California Bay Area summer

The sunroof cover keeps my model Y about 10 degrees cooler. The fit is perfect and installation was a piece of cake. I see a little bit of sagging as stated in other reviews but honestly it's not a big deal and doesn't bother me at all. I'd recommend this for sure!