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Tesla Model Y Trunk Side Storage Lids
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Tesla Model Y Trunk Side Storage Lids

    1. Custom design Rear Trunk Side Storage Lids specifically for Tesla Model Y
    2. These lids slip into the left and right trunk cavities allowing you to seamlessly cover items underneath
    3. Matching carpeted lids blend into the trunk for a cleaner look and provide a better overall cosmetic appearance
    4. Please Note: The Carpeted lids allow you to conceal items underneath , not intended for item storage with weight to be placed on top
    5. Fitment: Up to March 2022 Tesla Model Y (5 seater)
    1. Up to March 2022 Tesla Model Y
    2. 2021 Tesla Model Y
    3. 2020 Tesla Model Y

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Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Heidi Thomas (Austin, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Armrest Storage Tray

James Peterson (Eugene, US)
Got the Tesla y shade cloth.

Great product fits very well. The only problem is a bit of instructions would be helpful

Steve32162 (The Villages, US)

The armrest storage tray should be something that Tesla includes with their cars. It allows smaller items to be directly with in reach without having to digging through the large storage area. It still allows access to the "cigarette lighter" outlet for accessories and even allows some access into the storage area without having to remove the tray.

Randall Kershaw (Costa Mesa, US)
Storage lids

Fit perfectly, covers the space and hides the contents of the compartments

Wayne Kuhn (Green Bay, US)
Model Y Trunk storage lids

The side storage lids matches perfectly and are light weight but sturdy. My only negative would be having a fabric loop to pull up to remove them instead of a notch to put your fingers in - a personal preference. But they do the job!

Albert Wong (Wayne, US)
Close but not out of the park

The right-side storage lid is a little short of completely covering the storage well

Robert Zalusky (Cupertino, US)
I don’t have my car so please dont ask

I have been waiting for a year for my car. I still don’t have it. Please don’t ask me for a review on something still sitting in a box in my garage.

James R. Baca (Albuquerque, US)
Fills the Gap

These work great. Worth the money.

Govinda Agarwal (Duluth, US)

2021-2022 Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Armrest Storage Tray

Daniel Boyer (Edison, US)

Tesla Model Y Under Seat Storage Box