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7,000+ Tesla Cars Spotted at Shanghai's Port Ready for Export

von Eva Fox Juli 15, 2022

7,000+ Tesla Cars Spotted at Shanghai's Port Ready for Export

Photo: Wu Wa/YouTube

Over 7,000 Tesla vehicles manufactured at Giga Shanghai were spotted at Shanghai's Luchao port ready for export. This is the largest batch spotted to date.

Giga Shanghai again impresses with its performance. Despite the fact that in July part of the factory was under modernization, the team did not slow down the pace of production very much. Thousands of cars are spotted in the port of Shanghai ready for shipment. Giga Shanghai factory operations observer Wu Wa/YouTube again visited the ports that ship Tesla cars to customers in various countries and was pleasantly surprised.

According to the video and explanation, the dock at the southern port of Luchao was filled with a very large number of Teslas. Wu Wa did not expect to see such a large number, since the factory currently is under modernization, and it would seem that it could not produce so many cars. According to @SawyerMerritt/Twitter, the number of vehicles, at the time of the filming, was over 7,000. However, Wu Wa made a note that truckloads of cars kept coming. At the moment it is not known how big this batch will be.

It also remains unknown where the ships with these vehicles will be sent. Vehicles for Australia and New Zealand used to depart from Shanghai's Haitong Dock. However, when Wu Wa went there last week, it was revealed that Tesla had effectively abandoned the more distant Haitong dock and was using the Luchao Port South dock as its main export port. Therefore, there is a high possibility that the cars captured on video could be sent to Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. This also aligns with the delivery date for these countries, which is set for August.

Side note: Later @VedaPrime/Twitter clarified that WuWa was wrong in his claim that Tesla stopped using Shanghai's Haitong Dock to ship cars to Australia and New Zealand. Thus, cars seen at Luchao Port South dock will be sent to Europe.

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