Germany AIDA Cruises will equip twelve ships with SpaceX Starlink Internet

Germany AIDA Cruises will equip twelve ships with SpaceX Starlink Internet

AIDA Cruises, the German-based cruise line and subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, has announced that it is rapidly equipping its entire fleet of 12 sea-going vessels with SpaceX's Starlink broadband satellite service. The company says it expects all ships to be connected by October 2023 to provide an exceptional onboard internet experience for passengers and crew.

The integration of SpaceX's cutting-edge Starlink technology on AIDA Cruises ships is a significant milestone in the cruise industry, ensuring top-tier connectivity for everyone on board. "Our project team has already equipped three ships in the AIDA fleet with Starlink antennas and the field test has been very convincing,” stated Steffi Heinicke, Senior Vice President of Guest Experience at AIDA Cruises. “Guests and crew appreciate the faster internet connections and enjoy the more comfortable web surfing. Digital work on board is also made easier. We are very much looking forward to offering this new standard on all ships very soon,” they said in a press release on July 6. 

Passengers on board AIDAblu, AIDAbella, and AIDAstella cruise ships will be among the first to benefit from the enhanced connectivity provided by Starlink in Germany. Starting from mid-July 2023, they can take advantage of exclusive promotions that include improved data allowances within the internet packages. According to Cruise Hive, the AIDAblu cruise ship will explore the Eastern Mediterranean. The AIDAbella ship will visit ports in Scotland, Iceland, and Denmark, while AIDAstella will embark on a journey to summer destinations in Spain and Italy.

To celebrate the integration of Starlink, the company has introduced the "Starlink Special" introductory offer. This promotion doubles the data volume for AIDA's internet packages at no additional cost. Passengers who have already booked a data package will have their volume automatically doubled for free. Furthermore, parents can enjoy a 50% discount when booking the "Fifty" social media flat rate for their children and teenagers, said company representatives. The promotions will remain available until the internet upgrade is completed for the entire AIDA fleet in Autumn 2023. 

The introduction of SpaceX's Starlink broadband service on AIDA Cruises marks a significant advancement in maritime connectivity. Passengers and crew members alike can now look forward to a seamless and high-speed internet experience while enjoying their time at sea.

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