SpaceX Starlink is now available in high latitudes, including Alaska, Canada, Finland, Sweden, & Norway

SpaceX Starlink is now available in high latitudes, including Alaska, Canada, Finland, Sweden, & Norway

On November 21, SpaceX announced that the Starlink satellite internet service is now available in high-latitudes. “Starlink is now available across all of Alaska and Canada,” the company said, “Now also serving Finland, in addition to expanding coverage across all of Sweden and Norway.”

Some areas in these regions receive a lot of snow, making it difficult to build reliable terrestrial internet infrastructures – especially in sparsely populated areas. Dozens of communities across Alaska, near the mountainous Kenai Peninsula road system, do not have access to high-speed internet and only use mobile data to browse the world wide web. The Starlink satellite system is ideal for rural and geographically isolated areas where internet connectivity is either unreliable or completely unavailable. Users can simply access the satellite constellation with a Starlink phased array antenna that connects to a Wi-Fi router to wirelessly access high-speed internet.


The residential Starlink service hardware (includes antenna and router) is currently priced at $599 USD with a monthly internet subscription of $110 USD. Potential customers can check SpaceX’s official Starlink Coverage Map to see whether the internet service is available in their area. 

The United States Air Force Research Laboratory's Strategic Development and Experimentation office is currently testing SpaceX Starlink service in Alaska and areas above the Arctic circle. According to Brian Beal, a principal aerospace engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory Strategic Development and Experimentation office, the military also has plans to install Starlink aboard aircraft to test in-flight over the Arctic. Beal says that around 235 Starlink satellites are designated to beam high-speed internet over the Arctic and that SpaceX will launch 240 additional satellites to serve the region by May 2023.


Featured Image Source: SpaceX

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