American Cruise Lines now provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to passengers

American Cruise Lines now provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to passengers

On January 4th, American Cruise Lines announced that it now provides SpaceX Starlink satellite internet to its passengers. The Starlink hardware has been installed on a fleet of at least 17 cruise ships and riverboats that will operate through 2023. The sea-going vessels are designed to cruise across U.S. coastal areas and rivers located across 35 states. Each cruise ship can accommodate up to 190 passengers in bedrooms with balconies that provide incredible views of nature. With Starlink, passengers will be able to have reliable internet service to share their experience and enjoy high-speed video streaming even in remote ocean regions.

“The new Starlink satellite service is a major upgrade, ensuring seamless connectivity and faster upload speeds nearly everywhere the company's small ships are cruising throughout the country – from Glacier Bay Alaska to the sunny Florida Keys; from the Napa Valley wine country to the historic Hudson River; and from the Mighty Mississippi to the stunning Columbia and Snake Rivers,” said cruise line representatives in a press release. 

“American beta-tested the Starlink service in 2022 and cruise guests who experienced the platform during the testing phase responded with rave reviews Consistent with American Cruise Lines' all-inclusive value, the new high-speed Starlink Wi-Fi will be complimentary on all 2023 cruises,” shared the company. 

The Starlink network is powered by a constellation of approximately 3,374 satellites operating in Low Earth Orbit that provide maritime coverage to moving sea-going vessels, as well as aircraft. SpaceX recently shared that it has over 1 million Starlink subscribers globally. The aerospace company aims to launch at least 7,500 more upgraded Starlink satellites over the next couple of years to increase the constellation’s capabilities. Learn more at SpaceX’s official website

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