SpaceX Starlink Is Available In Multiple Caribbean Islands, Including Barbados

SpaceX Starlink Is Available In Multiple Caribbean Islands, Including Barbados

SpaceX Starlink is available in multiple islands in the Caribbean. The company has been expanding broadband coverage rapidly. The Dominican Republic was the first in the region to have access to the Starlink satellite constellation in July this year, followed by Puerto Rico. In September Starlink became available in the French Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. The internet service became available in Jamaica in October. And this week Starlink became available in two of the world’s most remote islands –Pitcairn Island and Easter Island. Read more: SpaceX Starlink Is Now Operational In Two Of The World's Most Remote Islands

Today, November 23, SpaceX announced that Starlink is now available in Barbados [See Starlink Coverage Map]. Approximately 30% of Barbados' population lacks access to reliable high-speed internet service. Starlink is great for rural and remote communities because it does not require an extensive professional installation nor requires the construction of new infrastructures, like fiber-optic systems. To access the Starlink network, users simply use a pizza-sized Starlink antenna that works alongside a Wi-Fi router to wirelessly access high-speed satellite internet. Visit for more information.



To date, SpaceX operates approximately 3,200 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that already provide internet access to nearly 50 countries across all seven continents. The company also provides maritime coverage to sea-going vessels and aircraft. In August, Royal Caribbean announced it would become the first in the cruise industry to implement SpaceX Starlink Internet onboard its entire fleet to provide reliable internet to passengers. Royal Caribbean’s 'Freedom of the Seas' cruise ship was the first to be outfitted with Starlink user terminals, and company representatives shared Starlink has "received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from guests and crew."


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