The Buying of Twitter by Elon Musk Would Be Great for the Platform, Says Brittany Kaiser

The Buying of Twitter by Elon Musk Would Be Great for the Platform, Says Brittany Kaiser

Buying Twitter by Elon Musk would be great for the platform, says Brittany Kaiser. If he realizes all his plans, then Twitter will cease to be a problem.

Brittany Kaiser, who was director of business development at Cambridge Analytica for three years, knows the true value of the data that social platforms collect. She became a whistleblower when she made it clear how Facebook user data was used to manipulate votes in the 2016 US presidential election and the UK Brexit referendum. Kaiser now has her own digital media literacy and blockchain technology consulting firm. The German publication Futurezone spoke with Kaiser at the 4GameChangers-Festival.

During the interview, she mentioned that Facebook continues to be their biggest problem. However, she said that Twitter will soon cease to be a big problem. That is why the journalist clarified whether this new attitude to Twitter is due to the fact that Elon Musk will soon buy it.

Kaiser said she is positive about Musk's purchase of Twitter and thinks it would be great. She believes that the changes that were announced earlier by Musk are extremely positive and were able to prevent the emergence of bot accounts that deliberately mislead users of the platform on some issues. Kaiser said the idea of ​​verifying the identity of each account is great. People will still be able to use an avatar and a pseudonym, but Twitter will know who is behind the account. This would stop all fake accounts and bot farms, and therefore all campaigns aimed at spreading false information. “It's a game-changer,” she said.

In addition, Kaiser is rapt that Musk has also announced that he wants to open source the Twitter algorithm so that one can see what data is being used to target people. This would make it possible to start a crowdsourcing campaign to improve the algorithm.

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