COPRO Partners with Tesla to Open 800-Space Parking Lot of the Future in Berlin

COPRO Partners with Tesla to Open 800-Space Parking Lot of the Future in Berlin

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In the Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg on Tuesday, the “parking lot of the future” officially starts operations. The multi-story car park, developed by project developer COPRO in collaboration with Tesla, the Berlin-based electric eMO agency Berlin Partner, the urban transport service provider Jelbi, and the multi-energy company TotalEnergies, will support the electric mobility revolution.

The upgraded Am Gleisdreieck car park offers 800 parking spaces and also includes a range of smart mobility features, from charging infrastructure to zero-emission sharing options and digital networks. Here, Tesla has installed 20 Supercharger fast charging stations with a capacity of 250 kW each. The Am Gleisdreieck car park is part of the “Tesla Supercharger Access” pilot project and offers access to charge non-Tesla electric vehicles.

The modern multi-story car park Am Gleisdreieck, transformed as a result of the revitalization of the existing multi-story car park, is also an initiative for other cities thanks to its network of carsharing and micro-mobility offerings (scooters, electric scooters, bicycles). In his welcome speech, COPRO founder Marc F. Kimmich emphasized the social importance of this project: the multi-story car park of tomorrow is essential for a successful change in traffic. Because it is through a network of multiple transportation options that the modern multi-story car park is growing into a hub that enables the transition to cleaner modes of transportation.

The State Secretary in the Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises, Tino Schopf, explained that the Am Gleisdreieck multi-story car park was “a model for multi-storey car parks throughout Germany.” He emphasized that the development of electric mobility in Berlin is not limited to the dedication of the COPRO company and its founder Marc F. Kimmich.

Jakob Michael Heider, head of Jelbi, said: “With Jelbi we combine all mobility offers in just one program and make cars available where they are needed. With the Jelbi station at the Gleisdreieck underground station and the Jelbi station at Mendelssohn-Bartholdy-Park underground station, we have succeeded in providing easy mobility offers with the underground lines U1, U2, U3 and at the same time the control system. for the cars to fulfill. The COPRO car park completes the whole thing and, as a hub, it also integrates various logistics, payment and mobility activities into one place.”

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