SpaceX Starlink kit is now on sale at Best Buy & Home Depot with a $100 discount

SpaceX Starlink kit is now on sale at Best Buy & Home Depot with a $100 discount

In early May, SpaceX entered the U.S. retail market by partnering with ‘The Home Depot’ to make the Starlink Kit available online and at select stores across the United States. This past week, another retailer added the Starlink Kit to its product inventory – Best Buy – which specializes in selling a variety of high tech electronics online and in store. 

The Starlink Kit includes all the hardware necessary to access the satellite internet network – a Standard phased-array antenna, Wi-Fi router, and mounting stand. The kit originally costs $599 but both The Home Depot and Best Buy are offering a $100 discount for online orders, likely for a limited time it will cost $499 USD. These retail stores also offer financing if you qualify. 

The Starlink antenna is available for ‘immediate’ delivery to select Home Depot and Best Buy stores in the United States where there is extended Starlink broadband satellite coverage. In contrast, some people who purchase the Starlink Kit via SpaceX’s website do face a ‘waitlist’ delivery period in some areas due to high global demand. If interested in purchasing the service in the United States, it's worth checking both and the two retail store websites to compare delivery dates, and know if the service is available at a specific address via SpaceX’s official Starlink Coverage Map

Customers who purchase the Starlink Kit from these retail stores will have access to either the Starlink ‘Mobile’ plan or the basic ‘Residential’ internet plan (see information in the graphic below). The Standard internet service subscription costs $90 or $120 per month, depending on network coverage at a specific location. Under the ‘Standard’ Starlink service, the user can expect to have internet download speeds of at least 150 to 200 Mbps (megabits per second). SpaceX operates over 4,000 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that already beam internet to over 1.5 Million subscribers globally. 


Info Source: SpaceX

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All Featured Images Source: SpaceX / Home Depot / Best Buy 

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