The President of Ecuador welcomes SpaceX Starlink service to improve Internet connectivity across the country

The President of Ecuador welcomes SpaceX Starlink service to improve Internet connectivity across the country

On March 29, SpaceX announced that its Starlink broadband satellite service now offers service in Ecuador. Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso welcomed SpaceX Starlink to improve internet connectivity across the country. “Welcome Starlink. Great job by Telecom Ecuador in substantially improving connectivity in Ecuador,” he tweeted in Spanish language. Telecom Ecuador is the government’s telecommunications ministry led by Ms. Vianna Maino.

“Welcome to another giant of satellite connectivity like Starlink SpaceX. We have carried out the necessary actions that have allowed its rapid installation. Areas never before connected on the mainland and insular region may have access to this service,” said Ms. Maino via Twitter in a Spanish language video.

Ecuador’s Ministry of Telecommunications coordinated with SpaceX representatives to first activate the Starlink service in the Galapagos Islands starting on April 1st. The Starlink service will be available to the inhabitants of the archipelago, as well as to the 250,000 tourists who visit our Island Region, according to an official government press release. Ms. Maino says that the presence of Starlink in Ecuador demonstrates the commitment of the National Government to attract investment in the telecommunications sector. “These inclusive public policies, in turn, make it possible to reduce the digital divide in peripheral and difficult-to-access areas,” they stated in Spanish.

As of today, SpaceX operates a constellation of around 3,900 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide high-speed internet to over one million subscribers living across all seven continents. The satellite service enables rural and remote communities to have access to the internet, even in places where connectivity used to be nonexistent. Starlink is ideal for remote islands, such as Galapagos, where the geographical terrain makes installing telecommunications infrastructure too expensive and difficult. With Starlink, users can simply order the Starlink antenna via SpaceX’s official website and rapidly get internet service for their community by simply plugging the antenna to an electricity source and connecting wirelessly with the included Wi-Fi router. The antenna automatically receives signal from the thousands of satellites in orbit.

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