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Elon Musk Calls on Officials & Leaders to Create Personal Accounts on Twitter & to 'speak authentically'

Elon Musk Calls on Officials & Leaders to Create Personal Accounts on Twitter & to 'speak authentically'

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Elon Musk encourages CEOs, legislators, ministers, and other leaders to have personal social media accounts and to “speak authentically” there. He encouraged them to speak frankly and not in the way they thought they should speak.

Elon Musk spoke at the World Government Summit (WGS) 2023 in Dubai, where he spent enough time talking about Twitter. The platform is not only his recent acquisition but also his favorite place to express himself. He has always been an active Twitter user, where he often discusses important topics, talks about his companies and their goals, jokes, posts memes, responds to requests from clients of his companies, and also communicates with his followers, which makes him a person of the people—people who are not fenced off by a wall, as with most CEOs, politicians, and other leaders.

Anyone who follows Musk's Twitter account can call him a man who expresses his thoughts frankly, while not afraid to face negative reaction from the public. His tweets often enthrall the public or get Musk into a lot of trouble, however his freedom of outspoken self-expression always comes first.

Speaking at WGS 2023 on Wednesday, the three companies' CEO said he is encouraging CEOs, lawmakers, ministers, and other leaders to “speak authentically” on social media, specifically on Twitter.

“I would recommend communicating a lot on Twitter. And I think it's good for people to speak in their voice as opposed to how they think they should speak. You know, sometimes people think, 'Well, I should speak in this way that is expected of me,' but it ends up sounding stiff and not real.”

Musk noted that corporate press releases can often sound like propaganda. Therefore, he will encourage the leaders to write their own tweets and get their message “direct.” At the same time, he said that despite the fact that he is constantly attacked for expressing his thoughts freely, this is not so bad.

“So I would encourage CEOs of companies and legislators and ministers and so forth, to speak authentically. I think there's sometimes a concern about criticism but I think at the end of the day, you know, having some criticism is fine. It's not really that bad. I'm constantly attacked on Twitter, frankly, and I don't mind. You have to be somewhat thick-skinned at times because they will really try to twist the knife.”

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