Elon Musk Is Working with Tesla Service to Enable Formula 1 Pit Crew Techniques

Elon Musk Is Working with Tesla Service to Enable Formula 1 Pit Crew Techniques

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Tesla is committed to improving its service in order to provide its customers with the best ownership experience. Elon Musk has announced that he is working with the Tesla Service team to enable Formula 1 pit crew techniques.

Tesla is well aware of the need to expand the service, especially in North America, which is the company's main sales market. Elon Musk said last month that the company is working to ensure that 2/3 of its vehicles in North America can get same-day service. This was really encouraging news for clients who sometimes had to wait weeks before making an appointment.

Now Musk has given some more details on the matter. He said that he himself is working with the Tesla Services team to enable same-hour service as often as possible and he is very excited about this cooperation. The head of the company also said that for achieving this goal, Formula 1 pit crew techniques will be used, which is a great hint.

Formula 1 is the most famous motorsport with millions of fans around the world. F1 teams consist of many professionals, because in addition to a great racer, they need a great team whose well-coordinated work leads to success. The pit stop strategy is considered one of the most important components of this.

F1 pit stops are one of the most intense and exciting parts of a Grand Prix. In fact, races are often won and lost due to pit stops and pit crews, as a delay of just a few seconds can give competitors a few hundred-mile lead. Therefore, the time of the pit stop during the race is crucial for the Formula 1 team. In just a few seconds, F1 team pit crews perform a variety of tasks: tire changes, mechanical repairs, fender adjustments, and more.

Last week, Tesla released a new OTA software update that included a new and extremely useful feature for owners and the company—“self-diagnostics.” It became available to Tesla owners in the company's application, which is becoming an increasingly advanced tool for the manufacturer and its customers. Service scheduling for specific categories triggers diagnostics and informs owners if there is a problem and if service is required.

This feature allows you to plan appointments more clearly and efficiently. Having the results of self-diagnostics, the technician can start servicing immediately, without wasting time on diagnostics. Although Musk did not elaborate on what he meant by using “Formula 1 pit crew techniques,” he seems to be talking about the speed and efficiency of the service that Tesla will soon provide.

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