Elon Musk Shows Tesla FSD Beta V12 Live Test Drive on X

Elon Musk Shows Tesla FSD Beta V12 Live Test Drive on X

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Elon Musk demonstrated the capabilities of FSD Beta V12 in a live test drive on X. He showed a 45-minute drive, in which the function showed off its incredible ability. The car drove very smoothly, despite the fact that there were various obstacles along the way.

About two weeks ago, Elon Musk promised that he would demonstrate how FSD Beta V12 would drive his car, live on X. On Friday, he fulfilled his promise. Musk showed his 45-minute ride, which was not edited in any way. The trip went smoothly, except for only one time when driver intervention was necessary. The head of the company said that honing the skills of FSD Beta V12 will be done by uploading even more videos that will demonstrate how to properly drive a car in such a situation. He also said that FSD Beta V12 is still being finalized, so there is no official release yet.

Other than that one time, the car handled the ride flawlessly, maneuvering through obstacles it had never overcome before. Musk explained that the V12 software was implemented from start to finish using artificial intelligence.

The trip started at Tesla's new engineering headquarters in Palo Alto. Along the way, the car demonstrated driving on a construction road, successfully passing that section. In addition, it smoothly slowed down before a speed bump in order to overcome it as comfortably as possible.

“We did not program in... there's no line of code that says slow down for speed bumps. It is doing this based entirely on video training,” Musk said.

Passing near a cyclist, the head of Tesla again drew attention to the fact that the car “makes decisions” on its own how to drive. At the same time, these solutions are not programmatically prescribed.

“And there's a bicyclist. Again, there is no line of code that says give clearance to bicyclists. It is just doing what people do. It can read signs without ever being taught to read. Once again, there is no line of code that says stop at a stop sign or wait for another car. There's no ‘wait x number of seconds,’ nothing like that. This is all nets, baby, nothing but net.”

Driving around a roundabout, FSD Beta V12 once again showed top class. The car gave way to two cars before turning. Musk reiterated that the team never programmed the concept of a roundabout. “We just showed it a bunch of videos about roundabouts. You definitely need a lot of training data, a lot of video training data to make this work,” he said.

Musk stressed that the software doesn't need an internet connection to be able to do all of this. All the inference needed to “make decisions” is happening locally.

Musk also spoke about the frame rate that Tesla cars work with. “We're running at the full frame rate. It's taking eight cameras at 36 frames per second. The pure AI version runs better and faster than the version that is a mixture of normal software and AI. In fact, it would run faster than 36 frames per second, except the cameras are only capable of 36 fps. Our back-of-the-envelope calculation is it could probably run at 50 frames a second. Roads are basically designed around 24 frames a second.”

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