EV Buyers Only Want a Tesla TSLA & Demand is 'Monstrous', Says Global Equities Research

EV Buyers Only Want a Tesla TSLA & Demand is 'Monstrous', Says Global Equities Research

While all EVs are environmentally friendly, EV buyers have a clear preference for Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), says Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research. In this regard, demand for the company's cars is 'monstrous', the analyst emphasized.

Demand for Tesla cars continues to grow at a rapid pace, especially against the background of a sharp rise in the price of gasoline, in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine. In an effort to save on the cost of ownership, buying a Tesla seems like the right choice. Global Equities Research Trip Chowdhry again talks about the manufacturer and its prospects.

The analyst wrote that Tesla continues to experience 'monstrous' demand for its cars. Despite the constant increase in the production capacity of the manufacturer, the waiting time for order fulfillment continues to increase. This is the clearest indicator of how much Tesla cars are in demand.

Against the background of a sharp rise in gasoline prices, the attractiveness of electric vehicles continues to grow, but everything is not so simple. Chowdhry wrote that consumers do not want to buy any electric car, they only want Tesla car. "The customer only wants to buy Tesla and nothing else," he said.

To clarify this thesis, the analyst again compared Tesla to Apple, saying Tesla is an experiential product, which at one time Apple was an experiential product. He explained that every day in a Tesla car, it feels like the owner is in a new car. Through OTA updates, cars get the latest features that did not even exist at the time of the original purchase. "No other company has the capability to create experiences like TSLA can," he commented.

Chowdhry also mentioned the news that Hertz will be adding a Model Y to its fleet. He pointed out that this was another sign of "monstrous demand."

He reiterated his Overweight rating and $1,500 price target on TSLA.

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