First Known Tesla V4 Supercharger with Solar Panels & Megapack Is Coming to Arizona

First Known Tesla V4 Supercharger with Solar Panels & Megapack Is Coming to Arizona

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The first known Tesla V4 Supercharger will soon be built in Arizona. The 40-stall charging station will be equipped with solar panels and a Megapack to charge cars with solar energy.

The world's first V4 Tesla Supercharger station is coming soon to Yuma County, Arizona, according to @MarcoRPTesla/Twitter. Per the documents he reviewed, the location will have 40 stalls, one of which will be for towing vehicles. Two 4,500 square foot solar arrays are also planned for the site, one covering 24 stalls and the other covering the remaining 16. In addition, a Megapack will be installed that, along with solar panels, will power cars charging at the stalls. The charging station will be located on a new vacant lot by the Dateland Travel Center, right along Interstate 8 on the SD (Tucson route).

The charging speed of electric vehicles is one of the main factors that must be overcome in order to achieve parity with ICE vehicles. Already now, Tesla vehicles can be Supercharged at high speed, but this is not the limit and the power of 350 kilowatts is not far off, Elon Musk hinted during the Tesla Model S Plaid presentation in 2021.

The emergence of more powerful Tesla chargers has long been discussed in the community. At a delivery event, Musk officially confirmed for the first time that the company is working on this. He said that, at the moment, the installation of 250 kW Superchargers is actively continuing, and soon Tesla will begin to increase their capacity to 280, 300, 350 kW.

“With peace in mind, it is super easy… to keep increasing the power of Superchargers, you know, we're 250 kW, so obviously, we'll start going to 280, 300, 350 kW.”

From the looks of it, the new V4 Superchargers will provide faster-charging speeds. In addition, the use of solar energy to charge cars is extremely positive news. The more Superchargers with solar panels are built, the smaller the carbon footprint of Tesla vehicles will be, which is one of the most important challenges for the manufacturer.

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