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German Pass Automotive to Manufacture Parts for Tesla Giga Texas

German Pass Automotive to Manufacture Parts for Tesla Giga Texas

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German Pass Automotive is to manufacture parts for Tesla Giga Texas in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, confirmed the CEO of the company. For this purpose, the factory located in Irapuato, in Apolo Park, will be expanded.

The CEO of Pass Automotive Mexico, Stephan Matz, said that before the end of 2022, its factory in Irapuato, state of Guanajuato, Mexico will start producing auto parts for electric vehicles. The CEO of the company said that the company for which car parts will be produced is an American manufacturer, Tesla, according to Periodico Correo. Matz did not disclose many details of the deal, nor what components the German company will supply to Tesla.

Pass Automotive offers a wide range of automotive products in four different categories, although not all are suitable for use in electric vehicles:

1. Product chassis applications

  • Steering boot
  • Bump stops
  • Plugs
  • Mounts
  • Headlight ventilation lines

2. Products for Thermal Management

  • Coolant and Heating Pipes
  • Coolant piping
  • Modular coolant valves

3. Products for emission control

  • Differential pressure lines
  • Activated carbon filter pipe systems

4. Products for chassis applications

  • Sensor cleaning and washing valve block
  • Fuel pipe systems
  • Oil pipes
  • Coolant piping
  • Crankcase ventilation lines
  • Vacuum harnesses
  • Transmission ventilation

Matz confirmed that in order to produce for Tesla, the plant, located in Apolo Park, will be expanded. In an additional area of ​​4,000 square meters, machines for the new auto parts production line will be installed. To work at the facility, the company will hire an additional 100 people. The manufactured products will be exported to Giga Texas, USA, and therefore used for the production of Model Y.

“We are preparing the plant for new Tesla lines, we are going to start producing auto parts for Tesla. We will start production in November of this year,” Matz stated. “We are preparing an expansion to carry it out this and next year, this is an investment of several million dollars in machines, production lines, equipment and production buildings,” he added.

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