Giga Press for Cybertruck Production to Soon Be Delivered to Tesla Giga Texas

Giga Press for Cybertruck Production to Soon Be Delivered to Tesla Giga Texas

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The Giga Press for the production of the Cybertruck will soon be delivered to Tesla Giga Texas, cargo movement data show. The 54 pieces, weighing approximately 170,995 pounds, arrived in Houston, Texas, last week.

IDRA GROUP is Tesla's supplier and produces key manufacturing machines for the Texas-based company. The Giga Press they made revolutionized the production of cars, which provided Tesla with even greater superiority over legacy competitors. At the moment, 6,000-ton Giga Presses installed at all of the company's manufacturing facilities around the world are making single-piece ends for Model Y, but Giga Texas will soon get a new machine with absolutely impressive clamping force.

In May, IDRA started advertising the new Giga Press with a clamping force of 9,000 tons. After that, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that this giant machine will be used to produce Cybertruck. According to data posted by @ajtourville/Twitter, the ship carrying the Giga Press left Italy on September 3. Already on September 28, it arrived at the port of Houston, Texas. The shipment consists of 54 pieces, weighing approximately 170,995 pounds.

It is expected that very soon the cargo will be delivered to Giga Texas, after which assembly and configuration may take several months. Evaluating past experience, we can say that in six months, Tesla will be able to install and configure the Giga Press, as well as train employees to work on it. This is in line with the Cybertruck production start dates announced by the company. Musk said the first Cybertrucks will hit the roads in mid-2023.

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