Italy's Unipol Acquires SpaceX Starlink Terminals to Support First Responders in Flood Relief Efforts

Italy's Unipol Acquires SpaceX Starlink Terminals to Support First Responders in Flood Relief Efforts

Unipol Gruppo, an insurance company in Italy, acquired SpaceX Starlink terminals to support first responders with their flood relief efforts. Last week, flooding in the northern Emilia-Romagna region resulted in the tragic loss of over a dozen lives and forced approximately 10,000 individuals to evacuate. Rescue operations have been underway to reach numerous isolated villages and farms affected by the overwhelming floodwaters, leaving around 20,000 people without access to vital resources.

Unipol Gruppo shared that SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, rapidly delivered over 150 Starlink user terminals to ensure that first responders could aid civilians with reliable satellite internet communication. The floods destroyed terrestrial communications infrastructures in some areas, Starlink will be useful at hospitals and other essential locations. “SpaceX is currently orienting its satellites, concentrating them in order to give priority to the Emilia region, to provide greater coverage to the populations affected by the flood these days,” shared Unipol in a press release on May 20.

“In the face of such tragedies, I think it is a duty for each of us to make our own contribution” said Chairman of Unipol Carlo Cimbri, “Unipol, in addition to supporting its policyholders, is working to actively support the affected communities,” they stated in Italian language (all quotes have been translated to English). He says that SpaceX and Musk are “pleased to be able to be useful in any way to help Italy and its population affected by the floods.” SpaceX Starlink user terminals are very easy to set up by simply connecting it to an electricity source and pointing it to a clear view of the sky to wireless access space-based internet. 

Cybersecurity analyst Andrea Stroppa lives in Italy, he shared photos via Twitter stating that SpaceX delivered the first batch of Starlink kits to the flood-stricken zones today, May 21. “Starlink can be rapidly deployed to provide immediate connectivity for those in need. With more on the way, 150+ Starlink kits arrived overnight in Italy’s northern Emilia-Romagna region to support rescue and recovery efforts from severe flooding,” announced SpaceX (photos linked below). 



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Featured Images Source: Andrea Stroppa @andst7 via Twitter

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