Elon Musk Gives Jay Leno A Tour Of The SpaceX Starbase Starship Factory [VIDEO]

Elon Musk Gives Jay Leno A Tour Of The SpaceX Starbase Starship Factory [VIDEO]

American television talk show host and comedian Jay Leno currently has his own series on the broadcasting network CNBC called 'Jay Leno’s Garage.' Leno visited SpaceX founder Elon Musk at the Starbase Starship factory this year to film an episode for the new season of Jay Leno’s Garage. Season seven began on September 7 and there will be 8 episodes, each featuring different guests, including Musk, singer Post Malone, and Pro skater Tony Hawk, among others. The Musk episode will air on September 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET. 

They released a commercial that showcases Leno walking  around the SpaceX Starbase factory where a giant stainless-steel spacecraft is under development in Boca Chica Beach, Brownsville, Texas. Musk gives Leno an exclusive tour of the launch facility and discusses SpaceX's goals. -"[...] We are trying to achieve the holy grail of rocketry which is a fully and rapidly reusable rocket. No one has ever made a fully-reusable rocket… one that can rapidly be reflown like an aircraft. And that is an essential invention, if you will, that is necessary to make humanity a multi-planet species," Musk told Leno in the Season seven commercial, video linked below. 

Musk also shares some technical details with Leno about Starship and its methane-fueled Raptor V2 engines. Leno got a close up look of SpaceX’s Starship manufacturing process and engines, he asked Musk if he has patents for the spacecraft -"Patents are for the weak," said Musk.

"[...] I love the passion that you have because most people in your position would have yachts, racing cars, places on the Caribbean, or whatnot, but you put it all into this," Leno told Musk, in reference to Musk's ambition to take humanity to Mars and investing his time and wealth into making it a reality. The Starbase facility has around 7,000 employees who work around-the-clock to develop the spacecraft and life support technologies that will one day help enable humanity to live on the Red Planet. Musk hopes astronauts build the first self-sustaining city on Mars before the year 2050. In the CNBC video, Musk shared he lives at the factory in a little house in Boca Chica Village that he rents from SpaceX. The company is actively preparing to perform the first uncrewed orbital flight of a Starship launch vehicle which will enable the company to advance its development. 

VIDEO: Elon Musk Gives Jay Leno A Tour Of Starbase - CNBC Commercial 



Featured Image Source: CNBC Jay Leno 

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