KVH Industries, Inc. adds SpaceX Starlink to its Maritime service portfolio

KVH Industries, Inc. adds SpaceX Starlink to its Maritime service portfolio

KVH Industries, Inc. has made a significant announcement today, September 6, as it expands its service offerings to the maritime world. The provider of intelligent hybrid connectivity for maritime applications signed a reseller deal with SpaceX's Starlink division. KVH is set to add Starlink to its service portfolio, marking a major stride in delivering high-speed, low-latency Internet to commercial and leisure sea-going vessels globally.

Under the new reseller agreement, KVH will not only sell Starlink on its own but also integrate it seamlessly with their "TracNet terminals and the KVH ONE™ global network." This strategic move positions KVH as an authorized Starlink reseller and integrator, enabling them to offer a comprehensive connectivity solution.

Brent Bruun, CEO of KVH Industries, expressed his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating: “Starlink is a valuable addition to our hybrid connectivity portfolio. Our intelligent hybrid design enables us to switch seamlessly among Starlink and both the KVH TracNet™ and TracPhone® terminals for outstanding and affordable communications. As a result, fleets and yachts worldwide will enjoy optimal, reliable connectivity together with KVH’s premier 24/7 support, business-critical applications, and service level commitments,” they stated in a press release. 

KVH representatives shared that SpaceX Starlink's high-speed, low-latency Internet service, facilitated by a high-performance electronically steered flat panel array, combined with KVH's TracNet terminals, which offer satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi interconnectivity under one dome, ensures that vessels experience uninterrupted connectivity. The intelligent, automatic switching between these technologies will continually deliver customers the "best performance" whether at sea or in port. The Starlink network is capable of providing internet download speeds "as fast as 220 Mbps" (megabits per second). 

With this announcement, KVH Industries, Inc. is poised to further elevate the standard of connectivity for maritime applications, offering a comprehensive and reliable solution that caters to the evolving needs of commercial and leisure vessels worldwide.

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