Motor Yacht Loon superyacht provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to passengers in the Bahamas & Caribbean

Motor Yacht Loon superyacht provides SpaceX Starlink Internet to passengers in the Bahamas & Caribbean

Motor Yacht Loon is a $30-million charter superyacht that navigates in the Bahamas and Caribbean. Loon is the most Instagrammed superyacht with seven star service. The 180-foot-long luxury yacht features an infinity pool, jacuzzi, sky lounge and open-air bar. It can accommodate a crew of 14 and 12 passengers in 6 private cabins. The sky lounge at the yacht’s top floor can host up to 100 guests for a soiree. Celebrities and YouTube stars have gone on voyages aboard Loon, which can be rented for $325,000 USD per week.

Loon has been providing high-speed SpaceX Starlink satellite internet to its passengers since September 2022, soon after maritime service rolled out in July 2022. Previously, the superyacht was equipped with Viasat which provided satellite internet download speeds of 40 to 80 Mbps (megabits per second) for $10,000 per month and the equipment cost $50,000. Starlink is a more cost-effective alternative with faster internet speeds. According to Loon Captain Paul Clarke, when they purchased the service last year the Starlink hardware cost $10,000 for two phased-array Starlink antennas with a monthly internet subscription of $5,000 for unlimited data. Starlink provides Loon passengers with internet download speeds of around 200 Mbps while navigating across the Caribbean. 

Most recently, SpaceX reduced Starlink Maritime cost by providing three tier service plans. “Boats of all sizes can now get high-speed connectivity on waters all around the world, including lakes, seas, and oceans. New Starlink Maritime plans available,” tweeted the company on April 18. The company reduced prices to make internet service more accessible for boat owners with a smaller budget. SpaceX is now offering one Starlink Maritime antenna for $2,500 and three tier internet plans: 50GB (gigabytes) for $250 per month, 1TB (terabyte) for $1,000 per month, and 5TB (terabytes) costs $5,000 per month for “Priority Data” high-speed maritime internet service. SpaceX’s website states the current maritime service provides internet download speeds of up to 220 Mbps. Starlink has proven to be useful at sea and remote areas around the world where internet service is unreliable or completely unavailable. As of today, SpaceX operates around 3,900 Starlink satellites in Low Earth orbit that provide internet globally.

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