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Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Y Is Spotted Driving Down Tesla Road

Tesla Giga Texas-Made Model Y Is Spotted Driving Down Tesla Road

Photo: @peterdog15/Twitter

A Giga Texas-made Tesla Model Y was spotted driving down Tesla Road, next to the factory. This is the first time that a car made at the new facility has been spotted outside of Giga Texas in the wild, hinting at the imminent start of mass production.

A newly built Tesla Model Y has been spotted on public roads near Giga Texas in Austin. Tesla factory construction progress observer @peterdog15/Twitter shared his new video with an interesting observation. According to him, this video was taken by accident while he was in his car and not filming the factory. This is the first time when a Giga Texas-made Model Y has been spotted in the wild.

This observation is yet another sign that Tesla already has pre-production vehicles and is preparing to start mass production soon. Recently, @peterdog15 also managed to film nine newly built Model Ys on the factory territory. Among them were black ones, like the one he caught this week, and blue ones, probably in the new Abyss Blue Multicoat color.

Recently, there has been a lot of activity related to the factories and new products of the company. Surely we will be able to get more information about this during the Full Year 2021 Earnings Call, which Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised to join.

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