MicroStrategy Buys $190 Million Worth of Bitcoin

von Eva Fox April 05, 2022

MicroStrategy Buys $190 Million Worth of Bitcoin

MicroStrategy, led by one of Bitcoin's most vocal proponents, Michael Saylor, has bought Bitcoin again. This time, the purchase was worth $190 million, increasing total ownership by 4,167 Bitcoins.

One of the largest software companies in the world has again significantly increased its already large cryptocurrency holdings. MicroStrategy has bought Bitcoin through its subsidiary – MacroStrategy – according to a recent release. The company bought a total of $190 million worth of BTC which translates to 4,167 Bitcoins at an average price of $45,714.

As of today, the company owns a total of 129,218 BTC worth almost $4 billion. The average price of the acquisition is approximately $30,700. Continuing to buy Bitcoin, regardless of the market, is the company's strategy, and several representatives, especially its CEO, have already stated on other occasions that they will continue to invest in acquiring Bitcoin.

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