Massive Earthquake Strikes Morocco: SpaceX's Starlink Internet Network Provides Vital Connectivity To A Community

Massive Earthquake Strikes Morocco: SpaceX's Starlink Internet Network Provides Vital Connectivity To A Community

Featured Image Source: Ali Lakrakbi @alilakrakbi via

Morocco, North Africa - In the wake of a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Morocco late on Friday, the nation is grappling with the aftermath of its deadliest seismic event in over six decades. The disaster has left more than 2,100 people dead, and the search for survivors continues amidst the rubble.

As the affected communities struggle to find food, water, and shelter, many have been forced to spend a third consecutive night in the open. The High Atlas, a rugged mountain range where the quake had its most devastating impact, presents a significant challenge for relief workers due to its remote villages and widespread destruction.

In the midst of this catastrophe, a glimmer of hope and connectivity has emerged, thanks to SpaceX's Starlink broadband service. Ali Lakrakbi, a resident of Morocco, took to social media to share how Starlink has played a crucial role in helping people in one of the affected communities. "Two nights ago, we had a big earthquake in Morocco; many are without electricity nor internet to connect with families. Me [@alilakrakbi] and @Tachron_ma used SpaceX Starlink and EcoFlowTech batteries to bring connection to the affected area! It's being used by the people and the rescue teams to connect back. Thank you Elon Musk for the great product," they shared on September 10 via X (post linked below). 

SpaceX's Starlink, a constellation of low Earth orbit satellites, has been instrumental in providing internet connectivity to remote and disaster-stricken areas. This testimonial from Ali Lakrakbi highlights how cutting-edge technology can be a lifeline in times of crisis, allowing communication and coordination that are essential for recovery efforts. 

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 Featured Image Source: Ali Lakrakbi @alilakrakbi via 

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