Netlinkz signs deal with SpaceX to distribute Starlink with a Virtual Secure Network bundle in Australia

Netlinkz signs deal with SpaceX to distribute Starlink with a Virtual Secure Network bundle in Australia

Netlinkz, an Australian network-as-a-service company, signed a deal with SpaceX to distribute Starlink with a Virtual Secure Network (VSN) bundle. Netlinkz operates a VSN for enterprise customers which provides end-to-end security by creating a private network on the cloud that is protected from cyber threats. “Starlink provides a powerful and reliable connectivity solution, allowing for remote operations on land and at sea to be managed more efficiently. We look forward to offering this new dimension of connectivity to Netlinkz’s customers,” said SpaceX Vice President of Starlink Sales Jonathan Hofeller in a press release on November 23. 

Netlinkz says that businesses located in Australia and New Zealand have the opportunity to bundle Netlinkz VSN with Starlink to get access to a fully encrypted invisible private network for all connected devices that access the internet. The partnership will benefit businesses and organizations located in rural and remote regions that require high-bandwidth for their day-to-day operations. 

“The  SpaceX  Starlink distribution agreement enables Netlinkz to implement its sales strategy faster with a significantly larger footprint,” Netlinkz CEO James Tsiolis stated. “Starlink internet services will allow Netlinkz to integrate its own invisible private networks product –VSN, with Starlink’s advance satellite technology to bypass barriers posed by traditional, outdated and often limited telecommunication infrastructures.” According to Netlinkz website, the service is also available for maritime enterprise customers that operate in the region. The bundled services will begin in mid-December starting with Australia and New Zealand. In 2023, the company aims to also provide its bundled Starlink + Netlinkz VSN services for businesses located in Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, Japan, Pacific Islands, Africa and Pakistan. 

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