North Dakota Will Be Home to Green Bitcoin Mining Company

von Eva Fox Juni 05, 2022

North Dakota Will Be Home to Green Bitcoin Mining Company

Image: Forbes

North Dakota will be home to green Bitcoin mining company Bitzero. The project will be developed with the support of the governor's office.

North Dakota will be home to a Bitcoin mining company that mines in an environmentally friendly manner. State officials embraced Bitzero's fully renewable, managed, clean energy, breakthrough innovations and technologies, announced in a joint press release from Bitzero and the North Dakota Governor's office on June 1. The deal was negotiated between State Governor Doug Burgum, Bitzero Strategic Investor Kevin O'Leary, Bitzero CEO Akbar Shamji, and Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara (MHA) Nation Chairman Mark Fox.

This transaction will allow Bitzero to locate its headquarters in North Dakota and make it the center of all of the company's operations in North America. Bitzero's CEO said his company plans to build 200 megawatt data centers in the state over the next two to three years “with a specific purpose of servicing state data requirements.”

An investment of between $400 million and $500 million will go towards funding data centers. At headquarters, 15 to 20 people will work.

The Governor of North Dakota said:

“Bitzero’s decision to locate its North American headquarters in North Dakota is yet another example of how our state is emerging as the location of choice for clean energy data centers supported by reliable, affordable electricity produced with environmental stewardship. This growing industry will continue to diversify our economy and elevate North Dakota’s status as the place to do business for tech entrepreneurs and innovators.”

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