SpaceX displays a Starlink discount advertisement at a New Zealand Airport

SpaceX displays a Starlink discount advertisement at a New Zealand Airport

SpaceX displayed a Starlink discount advertisement at the Tauranga Airport in New Zealand. A Reddit user shared a photograph of the advertisement that states the company reduced the Starlink hardware price 50% for New Zealand residents, the offer is available until December 31st, 2022. The Starlink Kit comes with everything needed to access the broadband satellite constellation, including: a phased array antenna, Wi-Fi router, and tripod mount. The kit originally costs $1,040 NZD (New Zealand Dollar currency), for a limited time it has a price tag of $520 NZD until New Years. 

SpaceX also emailed potential customers in New Zealand earlier this month to offer the same discount –“Available Country-wide.” Starlink internet is available for “fixed service at your home” for $159 NZD per month and “on-the-go for your campervan across the country” for $199 NZD per month, the email states. 

The company also offered a similar discount to potential customers in Australia, reported by TESMANIAN last month. The official Starlink Coverage Map states there is coverage across the majority of the country. SpaceX also displayed an advertisement at the Melbourne Airport. Read more: SpaceX displays Starlink discount advertisement at an Airport in Australia

SpaceX is rapidly expanding the Starlink network’s capabilities by launching satellites monthly atop flight-proven Falcon 9 rockets. The company operates around 3,267 Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that provide high-speed internet directly to customers’ user terminals. The constellation is capable of beaming service even to the world’s most remote places, which makes the Starlink internet system ideal for people who live in rural communities or enjoy outdoor activities, like hiking and camping. Starlink is available in nearly 50 countries, visit for more information. 

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