President Joe Biden Finally Publicly Utters Tesla's Name & Recognizes its Leadership in EV Production

President Joe Biden Finally Publicly Utters Tesla's Name & Recognizes its Leadership in EV Production
President Joe Biden finally publicly uttered Tesla's name and acknowledged the company's important role and leadership in the production of EVs. This is happening against the backdrop of general dissatisfaction in the community and from CEO Elon Musk, that the fact of Tesla's existence is ignored by the president.

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday publicly uttered the name “Tesla,” something he had not done before. In addition, the head of state recognized the company's important role in the production of electric vehicles in the US. “From iconic companies like GM and Ford building out new electric vehicle production to Tesla, our nation's largest electric vehicle manufacturer, to innovative younger companies,” he said while commenting on his administration's work to restore production in the country.

The mention of Tesla comes after the Tesla community has expressed growing dissatisfaction with the fact that the President of the US is ignoring Tesla's existence. He repeatedly said that GM is the leader of EVs and the EV revolution, which was absolutely not true, given the facts and sales figures of the companies.

Tension grew to the point that 58,561 people signed the “President Biden Please Acknowledge Tesla's EV Leadership” petition to draw the attention of the President to Tesla and its undeniable achievements. As of February 8, this petition is considered officially closed, as it achieved its goal and Biden recognized the leadership of the Texas manufacturer.

Recall that on February 3, Biden administration Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said she was ready to consult with Elon Musk on how to improve the semiconductor supply chain shortage affecting the auto industry. “None of this is personal,” Raimondo said in an interview with CNBC. “These issues are way too important for anyone to have, you know, feelings hurt. Like—let's just do the work. And as I said, anyone who has good ideas or is willing to help us, absolutely we want the help.”

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