RDARS integrates SpaceX Starlink to off-grid ‘Eagle Nest’ drone security system

RDARS integrates SpaceX Starlink to off-grid ‘Eagle Nest’ drone security system

RDARS Inc., an autonomous robotics and drone technology company, has successfully completed the initial development and testing phase of its Eagle Nest Off-Grid solution. This innovative system aims to enhance real-time alarm systems and surveillance capabilities by providing solar power, communications, and shelter for the Eagle Eye drone, while connected to SpaceX’s Starlink network. The Eagle Nest also offers various connectivity options, including cellular, WiFi, and LOS Radio communication.

The integration of these features enables RDARS customers to deploy the Eagle Nest station virtually anywhere, even in remote locations, while maintaining complete operational control over the system. “With this integration and advancement, customers will be able to take a quadcopter drone system and drop it almost anywhere, even in the most remote locations as desired, while still maintaining complete operational control over the system. It is our vision that the only time a person would need to visit a deployed Eagle Nest station would be for maintenance, repair, or relocation purposes," stated RDARS CEO Charles Zwebner on June 27.

In the third quarter of 2023, RDARS plans to initiate field testing by deploying these units featuring SpaceX’s Starlink service at partner locations. The company expects the system to be available for purchase during the fourth quarter of 2023. Jason Braverman, CTO of RDARS, emphasized the unique capabilities of the system, saying: “What I am proud about this development is that we truly are providing eyes and ears when and where you need them, and that is what autonomous robotics is really about. RDARS management is not aware of anything like this system on the market today. We are bringing the best technology to the market,” they said.

RDARS aims to disrupt the security industry by introducing autonomous artificial intelligence systems that revolutionize the approach to protecting commercial, industrial, and residential properties. The company says that the system offers real-time response, situation awareness, verification, intervention, evidence recording, data capture, analysis, and immediate downstream transmissions to public safety agencies. One of the notable features of the system is its ability to receive, analyze, and downstream data in real-time, informing public safety agencies about potential perpetrators even before they arrive at the property in the event of a security breach. SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet will make these features more reliable.

Although pricing for the security system featuring Starlink has not yet been determined, RDARS is confident that its advanced technology will deliver a transformative solution to the security market. With its integration of SpaceX's Starlink network, RDARS is set to redefine the standards of drone security technology.

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Featured Image Source: RDARS Inc.

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