SpaceX offers potential customers in United Kingdom the option to Rent Starlink hardware for £15 a month

SpaceX offers potential customers in United Kingdom the option to Rent Starlink hardware for £15 a month

SpaceX is rapidly expanding Starlink satellite internet service globally. The company already provides service to over one million subscribers living across all seven continents. This week, SpaceX sent an email to potential customers in the United Kingdom which offers the option to rent Starlink hardware to access the internet. This option would enable families with a smaller budget to be able to afford the satellite service on a monthly basis. Starlink has proven to be useful in rural and remote communities where other internet systems are unreliable or completely unavailable. 

“Starlink is now offering the option to rent hardware with the Residential service plan throughout the United Kingdom,” the email states. The hardware, which includes a user phased-array antenna and Wi-Fi router, can be rented for £15 per month (around $18 USD) versus the full purchase price of £460 ($544 USD). Renting Starlink hardware requires a “one-time activation of £99” ($118 USD) and the monthly internet subscription is £75 ($88 USD). “There are no long term contracts, both hardware rental and service are charged month-to-month. Try Starlink for 30-days and if not satisfied, return the hardware for a full refund of your £99 activation, or your £460 if purchased,” wrote SpaceX in the email announcement. 

According to SpaceX’s website, the ‘Rent-a-Starlink’ option is only available to customers in select markets. Interested customers must input their address to see if it is available in their country and the monthly price is determined by location. The support page states that “Starlink kits may only be rented for the fixed Residential service, and is not available for Business, Maritime, Mobile or RV Services.”

Email Source: Starlinkukbeta via Reddit 

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