Scenic Group is integrating SpaceX Starlink to entire cruise ship fleet

Scenic Group is integrating SpaceX Starlink to entire cruise ship fleet

Scenic Group, the parent company of Emerald Cruises and Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours, announced it will equip its entire cruise ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink broadband satellite service this year to enhance internet connectivity across their global operations. 

The integration of Starlink was first introduced on the Scenic Eclipse II during the ship’s naming ceremony on June 3rd. Following suit, the ‘Emerald Azzurra’ is scheduled to have the Starlink hardware installed by the end of June, while the ‘Emerald Sakara’ ship will get Starlink antennas installed sometime in August. Before the year ends, the company’s ‘Scenic Eclipse’ will also be equipped with the satellite service. 

In July 2022, the Federal Communications Commission's decision to permit the utilization of SpaceX's satellite-based internet service on various modes of transportation, including ships, aircraft, and other vehicles, opened the floodgates for cruise lines to adopt this advanced technology. The demand for faster and more dependable internet access worldwide has prompted the industry to swiftly embrace this trend. The adoption of Starlink has become increasingly prevalent within the cruise line sector, with a vast majority of companies now utilizing this cutting-edge technology. Scenic Group's inclusion of Starlink places them among industry leaders such as: Carnival Cruises, Seabourn, Norwegian, Hurtigruten, Royal Caribbean, American Queen Voyages, and numerous others of enterprise maritime customers – all recognizing advantages of the Starlink service.

As of today, SpaceX operates a constellation of approximately 4,260 internet-beaming Starlink satellites in Low Earth Orbit that send data directly to customers’ user terminals on the ground. The constellation currently provides service to over 1.5 Million subscribers living across all seven continents. The company is launching Starlink satellites almost on a weekly basis to rapidly expand the network’s capabilities.

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