SeaDream Yacht Club equips luxury boutique cruise yachts with SpaceX Starlink Internet

SeaDream Yacht Club equips luxury boutique cruise yachts with SpaceX Starlink Internet

SeaDream Yacht Club operates twin luxury yachts – SeaDream I and SeaDream II – which provide a boutique yachting experience around the world during 4 to 16 day voyages. The yachts can accommodate up to 56 couples, plus a 95-person crew that provide luxurious amenities to passengers. In September, SeaDream announced it would invest $10 million to renovate its twin yachts, as part of its investment the family-owned company purchased SpaceX Starlink hardware to provide high-speed internet to passengers. 

SpaceX operates the world’s largest broadband satellite constellation capable of beaming high-speed internet service globally, even to the most remote oceans. To date, SpaceX has approximately 3,200 Starlink satellites that provide service to residential, business, and maritime customers across all seven continents. 

“I am proud to announce that SeaDream is at the forefront of technology, becoming the first boutique travel line to implement Starlink on board. This innovation optimizes our guests’ experience by putting high-speed Internet at their fingertips—so they can stream their favorite entertainment, work remotely, and connect with friends and family back home,” said Andreas Brynestad, representative of SeaDream, in a press release. 

“The small size of our yachts provides a distinct advantage, in that we can deliver a larger amount of Internet per-person on board—quite possibly making us the fastest Internet on the seas. In the two short months since introducing Starlink, we have received remarkable positive feedback from guests and crew alike,” shared Brynestad.


Featured Image Source: SeaDream Yacht Club

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