Seaspan Corporation plans to equip container-ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink

Seaspan Corporation plans to equip container-ship fleet with SpaceX Starlink
Seaspan Corporation, a leading independent charter owner and operator of container-ships based in Hong-Kong, has announced that it will equip its entire fleet with SpaceX's Starlink. According to the company’s website, they currently operate a total of 137 vessels. The company emphasizes the growing importance of online communication on ships. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for the maritime industry and highlights the crucial role that onboard communication plays in ensuring the safety, efficiency, and well-being of ships and their crews.
Seaspan and SpaceX's partnership began in 2021 when Seaspan became an early adopter of the maritime flat panel antenna mount kit developed by Starlink. The initial trials proved successful, confirming that the technology met the unique needs of containership marine operations. "The decision to roll out this technology across Seaspan’s entire fleet has been greatly influenced by the positive feedback received from Seaspan’s seafarers during the initial deployments," the company said. "Crew feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Integrating this technology is a core foundational pillar of our Digital Strategy." 
Buoyed by these positive outcomes, Seaspan has now made the strategic decision to integrate this advanced technology across its entire fleet. Chris Sepp, the Vice President of Information Technology at Seaspan, expressed his enthusiasm for the satellite service, stating,"This collaboration with SpaceX Starlink supports Seaspan’s strategic vision of treating any vessel no differently than a remote office from an IT Services and Support provision perspective."
With Starlink's satellite internet service, Seaspan's ships will have access to high-speed, low-latency internet connectivity, even in remote maritime areas where traditional communication infrastructure is limited. This will enable the crews to exchange real-time data with onshore teams, access online resources for navigation and safety purposes, and stay connected with their loved ones. “We are deploying management and cyber risk tools and technologies so we can more effectively and efficiently support our growing vessel fleet at scale,” Sepp added. 
As the integration progresses, Seaspan's fleet will become equipped with SpaceX's cutting-edge technology, empowering the crews to operate more efficiently and enhancing their overall experience during their time at sea. The implementation of Starlink's advanced satellite internet technology across Seaspan's entire fleet is expected to revolutionize onboard communication in the maritime sector, setting a new standard for connectivity and paving the way for further advancements in the industry. "The low Earth orbit, low latency, high bandwidth service provided by SpaceX’s Starlink allows us to deliver on this vision and our commitment to our crew, as well as their safety and comfort onboard our vessels," the company stated.
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Featured Image Source: Seaspan Corporation

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