SpaceX releases a Starship Torch available for pre-order at its shop

SpaceX releases a Starship Torch available for pre-order at its shop

On Monday, April 17, SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced a new SpaceX product on sale –“Mini Starship with flame!” he tweeted. SpaceX released a $175 USD Starship blowtorch that is available for pre-order at its official shop (linked below). “The man in black, Johnny Cash knew a thing or two about burning desire. But love isn’t the only thing that burns. Sometimes you just want to caramelize the sugar on a crème brûlée or melt some cheese without all the subtext. Enter the Starship Torch,” says the product's description, “Designed to generate a windproof flame worthy of its namesake, the handheld Starship Torch will make easy work of searing anything from steak to meringue. Outside of the kitchen, fire up Starship to light candles or your fireplace. Who needs weak matches when you’ve got the power of Starship in your hands?”

The Starship Torch is a 1:200 scale model of the spacecraft and is refillable with standard butane canisters which are not included. The company plans to deliver it during the third quarter (Q3) of 2023. SpaceX also released a collection of new T-shirt and cap designs related to the Starship launch vehicle, including a T-shirt featuring a schematic outline of the Raptor engine.

The new products were released ahead of the company’s debut Starship orbital flight which is currently scheduled for April 20 at 8:28 a.m. Central Time. Space enthusiasts from around the world are excited and looking forward to watching the spaceflight. SpaceX attempted to launch the stainless-steel Super Heavy on April 17, however, they encountered an unexpected issue and scrubbed the launch. A TESMANIAN journalist was present at the launch event, read more in the previous story: Excitement builds in South Texas as SpaceX’s first Starship orbital launch attempt is postponed ~48 hours

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